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How do I point a domain name at my account?

If you already own a domain and would like to point it at your account with Evohosting, you must perform the following steps:

1.  Login to the site where you purchased your domain and change the nameservers to the nameservers provided in your Evohosting welcome mail. They will usually be called ns(X) (X) denotes the name server numbers, and each server is allocated 2 separate nameservers. 

You can also find the nameservers in the upper left corner of your cPanel account.  You can access your cPanel by visiting (replace '' with your actual domain).

2.  Once you've updated the domain's nameservers to ours, you will need to make the domain name an addon domain.  Please read the 'How to create an addon domain' FAQ.

Please note: If you point an existing domain to Evohosting, the domain will continue to be registered with the existing registrar, not Evohosting.  As a result, we will not handle the domain's renewal; this will be your responsibility.

If you want us to manage your domain's renewals, or have this domain as your free domain, then you will need to transfer the domain to Evohosting.  Please read the 'How to transfer a domain to your account' FAQ.

If you change your nameservers, you will point your website and email services at us. If you have not created mailboxes on one of our servers and uploaded your website to one of our servers, your website and email will cease to function.  Prior to changing your nameservers, you should take copy of your email from your existing mail provider.

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